3.1. Any person with a degree in law, any person studying law in a higher education institution, or any person with a university degree who wants to receive a law degree, who abides by this Charter, contributes with his/her activities to the realisation of the Charter goals of the Organization, and pays entrance and membership fees can become a member of the Organization. The number of non-lawyer members of the Organization cannot exceed five percent of the total number of the members of the Organization.

3.2. The decision to admit a new member to the Organization according to his/her written application is adopted by the Organization’s Board by the recommendation of at least two members of the Board.

3.3. The Organization keeps records of its members and periodically updates their data. The way by which records are to be kept is determined by the Board of the Organization.

3.4. The members of the Organization pay an entrance fee and membership fees. The Board of the Organization determines the amount of the fees and the form of their payment.

3.5. Withdrawal from membership of the Organization is either carried out upon the member’s written application or by the decision of the Board of the Organization by dismissal of the member for either failure to perform his/her duties or failure to perform them in a proper manner as defined by point 3.7.of this Charter.